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This page contains pics of my 1999  Pontiac Bonneville.


This is a front shot w/ the headlight covers from JC Whitney.

I ordered the 92-95 covers and used a Dremel tool to shave the covers so that they would fit my 99.

The newset pic w/ tint and rims

Stock picture


This is a picture of my 3800 Series II motor

Nice n clean and w/ out the cover it runs cool n fast.


This is a rear shot of my car. When it was stock, I used a dremel tool to sand the tips and make them look shinny.

a shot of my resonator removed and replaced with a  2.5 inch pipe

Here is a new shot with my Borla exhaust tips.


This is a large file shot of my stock rims. They are 16x7 w/ 225-60R16

This is a picture of my NEW rims." EAGLE ALLOY 077's"  They are 18x8 w/ 5x115 bolt pattern  wrapped by 235-40-18 Nitto 555's

  The tread design.

Angle shot

Here are some pics of my heated seats n switches

Here a pic of how it looks in the stock position as you can see the heated seat switches look stock.

Here is another view


click for a larger picture

Here is a pic of my door sills I used chrome rocker tape and stenciled the letters then cut n pasted on the door sills. and it sticks even in bad weather.

HERE is a shot of my interior neons, you can't see the lights when u sit down only when u crawl under the dash It also blinks to the bass.

Here is a shot of my STREET GLOW underbody Neon Light kit GOLD SERIES

and here is where i mounted my transformer

the 9500 transformer is located underneath the coolant overflow tank.


Here is a picture of my Pioneer deh8400 cd/mp3 player. as you can see i had to cut the dash a little to let the face plate open. i was not happy with this but i was not going to take the cdplayer back. I am still looking for ideas on how to make this opening look better.

below the mp3 player is a VARAD led light thats connected to the interior neon lights neons,

I made the switch panel out of a plexiglass type material and used my dremel tool to cut the holes for the switches. In the picture u can see the panel is not completely flat but once I  get a different amber switch everything will fit perfectly.


here is a night shot not a very good one but u get the idea.


Here is a picture of my KNIGHT RIDER leds


my next mod is ...


This is a pic of me Drag Racing my 99 Bonneville. Ill have more pics w/ info later.

My car ran a 15.9 @ 87 mph

The modifications I have on the car are listed in the mods page.


And finally here is a picture of my sub n box n amp in my trunk.