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This page contains info on how to modify your Bonneville.

I've done a couple things to make my bonny different than any other car out there.


CLEAR              SIDE             LIGHTS

This is how to make your outer turn signals clear.

1. The clear side everyone sees from the road

2. A rubber gasket that forms a seal around the clear side

3. The reflective side w/ a grey backing

4. The yellow see thru piece


1. First pry the lenses from the frame of the car. I used my fingers and it popped out.

2. Pop the rubber gasket from the plastic housing and pry back into original form.

3. Use a dremel and carefully sliced a line across the backside and cut until you see the opening of the lenses. if you go slow you'll see what I mean. by doing this you are cutting behind the glue and it will be easier to take off the back of the 4 piece lenses.

4. Next pry the grey plastic piece from the clear lenses shell. and it will come out as a  reflective piece w/ grey backing(3). a clear plastic piece w/ the yellow reflective plastic signal piece attached(1,4).

5. Use a screw driver and a hair dryer to pry the yellow part(4) off the front clear piece(1) and then you will reattach the reflective piece w/ the grey backing(3) to the clear lenses part(1). you will need clear silicon to make a seal against the reflective side and the lenses. after the

6. let dry and put back the rubber gasket and use more glue let dry and put back together the same way as before.

Below are pics of what it looks like if you decide to do this mod.

day shot w/ the clear amber led light from my local auto parts store. Just look in the rice/import section for the bulbs.

Here is a night pic of the light

Ill have more pics later.....

I personally like this only because it give the front lights a more uniform look.


Here is how I installed the 3200 Blazer tech Driving lights. the blazer tech fog lights are the same way.

  1. first you must remove the electric plug behind the stock lights.
  2. Remove the 3 nuts from the back of the fog light housing. 2 on top 1 on the bottom
  3. remove the housing and the light will come out with it
  4. remove all the bolts and screw
  5. remove the plastic light from the metal bracket
  6. take the blazertech bracket and hold it against the gm bracket and make some marks where the holes you are going to drill will be.
  7. drill a 1/4 hole into the stock bracket   2 holes all together
  8. drill 2 holes into the blazertech bracket
  9. After you are sure the holes are even and match bolt a 1/4 inch bolt w/ locking washer and locking nylon nut and secure the two brackets together
  10. By doing the last step you will be sure that the bracket will never move which is important.
  11. Then bolt the fog light into the bracket with locking washers and nuts but do not tighten you will need to aim the light before you tighten all the way.
  12. the wiring you will need is on this page.
  13. After you wire and make sure everything is secure and well taped off then reinstall your lights with the modified stock bracket and use the same nuts that you took off in step 2
  14. basic common sense helps too so just double the check the steps in the grandprix webpage for anything i missed.

The bulbs on the blazertech 3200's  have a blue/ish tint but its not that bad. if you get blue bulbs for your high beams it'll look normal.

here's a pic of the brackets

hers a picture of the two piece screwed together and then i added "jbweld" to make sure it was a secure bond.

no matter how hard it is pulled the two brackets will not come apart.

Here is a side view.

This is a rear view of the bracket/light you can see where i bolted the two brackets together.


This is a close up shot of how small the blazer bulb is compared to the stock opening. Unless you right on top of the car at ground view you cant tell.

Here is a picture of where you can hook up the ground for the relay to the blazertech's

It's located above the battery and next to the coolant bottle.


                RAM        AIR   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a picture of where the ram air feeds into my engine.

I used 4 inch dryer duct flexible hose to feed the air into the engine bay.

here is a front shot of where the air enters the ducts.

the bottom right duct is only pulled out into view when I drag race. normally I tuck it under the front bumper and while it doesn't flow a lot of air a small amount is still flowing a little bit into the duct.

the left duct is covered w/ a screen to make sure rocks/ leaves and other misc debris gets blown into the air duct.

this is where the duct is located behind the main headlights.

a lot of bending and trimming of metal was involved but nothing major. Just be careful not to tear the duct. that will decrease air flow.

DUAL FRONT HEATED SEATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ordered the heated seats from

I ordered two kits for my front driver n passenger seats. I would get both seats at 1 time because it makes for a  easier install and also if your w/ your girl and you have a heated seats and she does not the u don't want to hear her complain. COMMON SENSE plays a big part in ANY INSTALL

anyway i first had to take apart the seats here are some pics of where you have to PRY the seats and clips apart.

First you will have to remove a C CLIP where the recline lever is located. I used a paint can opener and it worked great. PICTURE BELOW

After you remove this clip you have to remove the seat covers.

under each seat they are connected to a metal bar w/ plastic clips all you have to do is pry them upward and they will come off.

once you get them off you have to pry the leather part off but be careful they are connected to the foam padding w/ VERY STRONG Velcro, pry the seat n foam apart gently and then you will see this.... then you will have to place the heating pad unit on top of the seat in the middle and run the wires thru the seat belt area w/ the wires facing towards the back of the seat.

 TIP #1 : you do not need to cut any of the heating pad even though its very long you do not need to cut it.

after you have placed your heating pad on the seat next you will have to pry apart the top leather seat cover.

First you have to pry apart the seam at the very bottom of the seat. IT IS TRICKY N VERY TIGHT but if you start from the edge till it comes apart easy.

here is a picture of the part u need to pry apart.

This is the only thing u have to remove. After you have the seat unhooked  you have to pry the seats upward it will be very hard because the seats are very tight against the foam. AGAIN there are Velcro strips along the way but if you wiggle each side lil by lil once you remove the cover it will look like this.

  B4 the heat

After you place your heating pad on the top half of the seat it will look like this.

I made it so the wire from the heating pad comes along the bottom and also goes thru the seat belt hole

after you remove the upper seat cover a cardboard piece will fall off the back of your seat and looks like this.

. no big deal just make sure to place it up against the seat b4 u pull the leather down.

next is running the wires so you cant see them. I used a flat head screw driver to pry down the carpet so i could insert the wires underneath the center part of the console. U cant see any wires at all. After i inserted the wire thru the bottom of the center console i popped off the black plastic pieces in the center console and took the wires up through the top and went through the hole where the button is so unlock the center lid. It may sound confusing but its easy if you are in the car.

Click on the image for a diagram on where to run the wires.

Here is a up close shot of the pass thru on the center console.

After u have taken the wires from underneath the seat , then up through the center console, then thru the center of the pas thru you will hit another open part of the center console. here is where u will install the wires n the switches.

There are a lot of extra wires in the picture but this is the same place u will hook ur wires up to your switches.

I also hooked up the rest of my neon lights at the same spot because it is very easy to access the cigarette lighter wires. You can hook up tons of lights n other accessories thru the cigarette power wire. However i ran my heated seat wires directly to my sunroof power wires. mainly because it is a large wire that's easy to find and also it works for 15 min after i shut the car off but no longer just like the windows.

Anyway now u have to install the switch itself. I bought 2 kits so that both of my front seats are heated. My girlfriend heard about my next mod so i had to get the passenger side heated too.

i used a dremel cutting tool to cut the hole for the switch to go into. I had a lot of previous practice cutting plastic n also cut as little as i could then kept making the hole bigger n bigger until the switch barely fit through the hole. I didn't want to make the hole to big and have a empty space showing. Also make sure before you cut you measured the exact spot where the switches go so that it looks as even as possible.

here is a underside shot of the center plastic piece that i used to install the switches into. ( on a SSEi and other bonys with full power seats there are seat position switches here so you will have to find another spot to mount the heated seat switches.

this is the best pic i have right now.

and a upper shot of the switches.

here is a upper shot of the switches. It looks very stock and is easy to get to when its cold.

There's really nothing else to do except hook up the power and find a  ground. there are many many grounds inside our cars. underneath the steering column behind the rubber pieces. Or u can use the ground at the gas pedal ( just connect it to the screw on the base of the gas pedal.

this is a old pic. I rerouted all my ground wires behind the rubber/plastic pieces underneath he steering column/ dash

But if ur stuck for a ground there is a decent place.

to sum it all up

  1.  tear seat covers off
  2. place heating pads
  3. run wires under console
  4. install switches
  5. recover seats
  6. connect power
  7. connect ground
  8. check connections and instructions
  9. start car
  10. turn seat on and wait till u get warm all over :)

ENJOY there are directions that come with the kit but this may help some of your other questions the instructions don't tell you.

If you have any ?'s feel free to email me @