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Welcome to my 1999 Pontiac Bonneville Web Page.        

I have Sold my car However I will keep all the info here as long as I can so everyone can read about and look at what I have done to my car while i have owned it.  I have recently purchased a 2000 Trans AM WS 6

You will find tons of information about how to modify your car in here just look around and enjoy..........           special thanks to Angry Duck for making parts for our cars........

Click here for pics of my ride

Click here for info about how to mod your bonny.


Click here to see me drag racing and see the list of the modifications i have done to my bonny.

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Click Here to see the Supercharged LS1 powered Monte Carlo LS and this awesome Monte Carlo SS


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Click here to see my new Trans Am WS6



Click here for misc pics.

NJ Monte Carlo's

If you have any ?'s or comments. email me at


Here is a free plug to my friend hectors site. he sells lots of go fast goodies.